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Sending corporate gifts for clients doesn’t just have to be done during the holidays. You can read that again.

We’re stressing this because you should know that sending gifts to your clients only on the holidays will most likely cause them to end up in a dusty cupboard – along with all the other holiday gifts from the companies they do business with.

Holiday gifting is so expected that it’s become quite an obligation and a faux-pas of sorts if they’re not given.

It is important to maintain relationships with your existing clients and show them that you care, and sending custom branded gifts is a great way to do it.

While a holiday gift isn’t a bad idea, if you want to really stand out in your clients mind, you can do so by sending them unexpected gifts throughout the year.

This consistent reminder of your brand could in turn lead to increased sales as your company, products, and services will be fresh on their minds.

We’ve compiled 12 perfect corporate gifts for clients to help keep your company in front of your clients all year.

Pro tip: Personalize your corporate gift to that specific client to highlight your attention to detail and to show that you anticipate their needs.

  1. Vinyl Records

Looking for the Best Corporate Gifts for Clients? Try Vinyl RecordsThis is an uncommon item for a corporate gift, but it’s very thoughtful.

Vinyl sales in the US in 2020 were the largest since 1991 as music lovers couldn’t attend live gigs.

It comes with that tinge of nostalgia about the old days – maybe not so old.

Find out what kinds of music your client likes and send them vinyl versions.

It’s a unique gift that won’t go unnoticed.

  1. Touch Less Tool

Looking for the Best Corporate Gifts for Clients? Try Touch Less ToolsPeople now more than ever are conscious of what they touch especially in crowded places like office buildings.

A no-touch tool is a great item that minimizes the number of random objects that your clients have to touch and helping them to avoid harmful germs. Useful and effective.

There are a number of different styles of these tools that you can put your logo on including this one which includes a stylus so you can avoid touching random screens.

  1. Stress Relief Gadgets

Looking for the Best Corporate Gifts for Clients? Try Stress Relief GadgetsStress relief gadgets come in all shapes and sizes and can be customized to your specific industry.

They serve as a simple yet very thoughtful gift to help your client reduce stress around the workplace.

Fidget toys and stress relief gadgets can even serve to improve focus at the workplace making them just that much more awesome!

They’re commonly kept on desks and will serve as a reminder of how stress-free it is for your client to work with your brand.

  1. Health & Fitness Items

Looking for the Best Corporate Gifts for Clients? Try Health & Fitness ItemsThere’s no better way to communicate that you have your clients best interest in mind than to gift something that enables them to live a healthier lifestyle.

Fitness watches, water bottles, and headbands are a few great corporate gifts for clients with an active lifestyle and there are many more fitness related products you can customize with your logo.

You could also find out what sport your clients prefer and personalize it accordingly.

Golf accessories are a good example of an item that helps your client stay active while doing something they enjoy.

  1. Notebooks & Notepads

Looking for the Best Corporate Gifts for Clients? Try Notebooks or NotepadsThese are simple yet effective gifts.

A neat, professional but simple notebook is a necessity for every desk and you anticipate your clients’ needs by providing them with one.

You could be creative and design them with their logo, slogan, or something witty and creative – it’s bound to be memorable.

  1. Looking for the Best Corporate Gifts for Clients? Try BooksBooks

Sending books in the genre your clients like is a great way to show you care.

Even if your client is not a book person, they most likely have a library or a nice coffee table in their office that needs some extra décor.

Include a custom bookmark or write a personal note inside the cover so they will think of your brand every time they look at it or give it a read.

  1. Tech Gadgets

Looking for the Best Corporate Gifts for Clients? Try Tech GadgetsYour clients will need tech gadgets to navigate this digital world especially in this new normal.

Show them you understand their needs by sending tech gadgets that you know will be useful to them.

Mouse pads and flash drives make perfect corporate gifts for clients who regularly use their computers.

Do they like to listen to music to be more productive at work? Headphones are the perfect go-to gift.

Does their work have them constantly on the move? Portable phone chargers to the rescue.

Tech gadgets are a great gift item to customize with your logo as they tend to get a lot of use and give people a quality impression of your brand.

  1. Portable Handheld Battery Fans

Looking for the Best Corporate Gifts for Clients? Try Portable Fans

Handheld battery fans are amazing for outdoor occasions and are even great for use around the office.

It’s portable and keeps your client comfortable and focused on the task at hand.

A portable fan is cool (pun intended) and with your logo, it becomes a portable billboard for your business.

  1. Multitools

Looking for the Best Corporate Gifts for Clients? Try Multi ToolsMultitools make fantastic corporate gifts for clients.

They are quite handy and are sure to get plenty of use.

Put your logo on them and when you give them out, they will be useful to the receiver and while serving as a positive impression for your brand.

  1. Coffee & Tea Blends

Looking for the Best Corporate Gifts for Clients? Try Coffee or TeaLet’s be honest, you’ve probably forgotten to grab breakfast before when rushing out the door, but you didn’t forget your coffee – or tea if you’re a tea person.

64% of people in the US alone drink coffee so there is a good chance your client is a coffee drinker and will appreciate the gift.

Give your clients coffee and/or tea blends to make their mornings better.

Pair this with a custom branded travel coffee mug and your brand will be on your clients mind every time they take a sip of their cup of joe.

  1. Café or Restaurant Gift Cards

Looking for the Best Corporate Gifts for Clients? Try Gift CardsSo your client has a favorite restaurant or café?

Send them a gift card from that place and let them know you were paying attention during that first – and hopefully not so awkward – introduction.

Corporate gifts for clients don’t always have to be tangible things.

Providing your client the memorable experience of a visit to their favorite eatery is a great way to form a strong relationship that keeps your brand on their mind.

Just be sure to slip in your business card along with the gift card as an extra reminder that they can contact you first when they next have need of your product or services.

  1. Gift Baskets

Looking for the Best Corporate Gifts for Clients? Try Gift BasketsThis could be food, snack, or combinations of different items.

They also don’t have to be actual baskets.

Get creative in a way that you know will have the most impact on your client.

The key is to personalize it based on their preferences.

Choose wisely, personalize appropriately, and put a smile on your clients’ faces.

With this list of 12 best corporate gifts for clients, we are sure you will be able to find the perfect gift to help develop a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with all your existing clients and future customers.

If you need more gift inspiration, be sure to check out our promotional products page.

Here’s to that long-lasting partnership!