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Show Your Team Some Love With These Fantastic Corporate Gifts for Employees!

The backbone of every business is its people. From the top executives to the newly hired intern and security personnel, all are working together to make the business a success.

This makes employee satisfaction a top priority for any business trying to stay in the market as it leads to employee retention and a great company culture which in turn leads to employee attraction. This will enable your business to grow and develop as a team that is motivated and excited for its success.

Ensuring employee satisfaction and a great culture can be done through several ways such as creating employee networks, team building activities, encouraging happy hours, having mandatory lunch breaks and vacations, etc.

Another great option is corporate employee gifts.

Show your employees you appreciate them by giving fun, creative gifts that are relevant and useful to them.

And remember, gifts aren’t only made to be given during the holidays, a surprise gift from time to time can be a great way to boost employee morale.

Here are 7 great ideas for corporate gifts for employees to get you started:

  1. Tech Devices and Accessories

Tech Devices Make Great Corporate Gifts for EmployeesIt’s the new normal. Most of your employees probably worked from home during the lockdown and may still be working from home.

For some, this may have been great while for others, switching from in-office to at home may be a bit challenging.

Whatever the case, tech devices and accessories make great corporate gifts for employees to make their job easier, increase productivity or simply to let them know you care.

Something as simple as this Tech Taco is a great gift idea to give your employees a stress free way to manage cords around their work station. Hands-free bluetooth earbuds make another great gift to make Zoom calls a breeze!

  1. Stress Relief GadgetsStress Relief Gadgets are Great Corporate Gifts for Employees

These gadgets come in different forms: balls, cubes, ears of corn, etc.

Using them is a great way to relieve stress especially when undergoing work that requires a great deal of mental exertion.

They’re ideally placed on desks so that it’s just within reach.

These gadgets make fun employee gifts, which also provides an outlet that helps to improve focus on the task at hand.

  1. Apparel

Custom Apparel Makes Make Great Corporate Gifts for EmployeesThis is one of the most common corporate gifts for employees that companies give out. But we’re not just talking about corporate work attire.

You can spice things up by having apparel of different colors and styles and replacing your logo with something sharp and witty or nothing at all.

Pajamas might not be work approved attire, but this gift might help your employees have a great night’s rest allowing them to come into work ready to go on Monday morning!

There are so many creative ways to use apparel as a gift to show your employees you genuinely care!

  1. Fitness Gadgets

Looking for Corporate Gifts for Employees? Try Fitness GadgetsMore and more people are becoming conscious of fitness activities especially after the stay-at-home orders which disrupted most everyday activities.

If you have a gym at the office, there are probably going to be more people frequenting it than before so fitness gadgets will be appreciated.

This doesn’t exempt those who don’t have a gym and/or whose employees are working from home.

Fitness gadgets make fantastic gifts your employees are sure to appreciate.

  1. Coffee Mugs & Glasses

Coffee Mugs: Great Corporate Gifts for EmployeesThis is another common gift for employees.

Collapsible coffee cups, renewable cups that can be compressed for space, are becoming more popular especially as people become more environmentally conscious.

Travel mugs are always a good option as they can be used at the office, at home, and on the go.

Be creative with these particular gifts.

You can always spice this up by adding some witty text like some good office humor.

Make them memorable to insure it won’t just end up at the back of your employee’s cupboards.

  1. Chocolates, Coffee… Or Both

Awesome Corporate Gifts for Employees: Chocolates Awesome Corporate Gifts for Employees: CoffeeWhile this may seem too generic a gift, the truth is sometimes nothing says “I appreciate you” more than a box of chocolates or a bag of gourmet coffee.

Find out your employee’s favorite brand of chocolate or coffee blend and surprise them with it on a Monday morning and it’s sure to make their week!

If neither of these are their thing, substitute it with some other sweet treat or pastry they like.

If you’re not sure, a gift card can also do the trick!

  1. Gift Basket

Gift Baskets Make Awesome Corporate Gifts for EmployeesThis doesn’t have to be too expensive if your company can’t afford it – if you can then why not go all out?

Your employees are the reason you can afford it in the first place.

You can show your employees that you appreciate them with any type of unexpected gift.

A combination of all the corporate gifts for employees mentioned above or some other items you have in mind.

A good practice is to make it as personalized as possible especially if you’re a small business.

Some items may seem too small to be considered a gift but when combined with a few other items can make a nice gift basket/box that anyone would be happy to receive.

Rules to Follow When Choosing the Perfect Corporate Gifts for Employees

  • Don’t Gift Too Cheap

You may think that any gift is better than no gift but the truth is, if you gift too cheap, it might not go over too well with your employees.

You want your employees to feel valued so make sure to invest a little extra in your gifts even if it means stretching the budget a little.

  • Make It Memorable

You could speak to your employees or managers to find out what your they find most useful and tailor your gifts accordingly.

A personal and memorable gift sometimes is all it takes to put a smile on an employee’s face.

  • Change Things Up

If you gifted your employees a nice company mug last year, it would be best to choose a gift in a different category this time around.

Gift giving and receiving should be fun so pick something unique an unexpected.

Now it’s up to you to choose the perfect gift. With this list, you should be well on your way to making all your employees days!