Meet The Pioneer Promo Team - MeganWandaWhitNinaCoryNathan

Megan Birner
Megan BirnerDirector of Operations
Megan has a “can-do” attitude with everything that comes her way. She currently manages and oversees all Pioneer Promo operations. In her free time, Megan enjoys making memories with her kids, adventuring in the outdoors, writing songs, and studying the Enneagram.
Wanda Blilie
Wanda BlilieManager of Sales Administration
Wanda is one of the foundational team members at Pioneer Promo. She manages the sales administration and provides exceptional customer service to all customers. She works closely with the sales representatives and keeps well-informed of new and exciting products. In her free time, she spends time with family, attends her grandson’s hockey games, and is also a die-hard Bison fan.
Whit Brandvold
Whit BrandvoldTerritory Sales Representative
At 6′ 2″, everyone in the office looks up to Whit! As Pioneer Promo’s newest sales rep, she is eager to develop relationships with the members in her North Dakota Sales Territory, and will work to ensure growth in sales. In her free time, Whitney enjoys hanging out with friends and family, working out, cooking and baking, and filling her time with outdoors and sports activities.
Cory Engstrom
Cory EngstromTerritory Sales Representative
Having spent more than 20 years in the branded apparel industry, Cory brings a lot of experience to the table. He spends his time developing and maintaining relationships with the members in his MN/SD Sales Territory, and works to ensure growth in sales. Outside of work, Cory enjoys golfing activities, outdoor adventures, and sporting events with his family.

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Nina Lewis
Nina LewisCompany Store Specialist
As the newest member of the Pioneer Promo team, Nina, an NDSU graduate, is eager to put her skills to work managing our Company Stores. She processes the orders and provides customer service, and also works with each sales rep and their customers to develop and maintain company stores. In her free time, you can find Nina spending time outdoors, playing tennis, exploring new cuisine, and investing in her family and friends.
Nathan Schmidt
Nathan SchmidtTerritory Sales Representative
Nathan is eager to develop relationships with the members in his North Dakota Sales Territory, and will work to ensure growth in sales. In his free time, Nathan enjoys spending time outdoors, working out, and investing in his family and church.