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So why use promotional products as a marketing tool for your business?


Should you do it just because everybody else is doing it? Can promotional products give you a positive return on your investment? Better yet, do promotional product even work?


If you are here, you are looking for an answer to these questions.


If you will allow me just a few moments of your time, I would like to share with you why you should be using promotional products in your everyday marketing and how they can be effective for your business.


Create Brand Awareness


Why Use Promotional Products? They Build Brand Awareness


Brand recognition and awareness are an important focus of any business. Without it, your brand will quickly fade into the sunset.


Promotional products play an important role in brand awareness by putting your logo in front of past and potential customers on a daily basis.


When your product matches your marketing campaign it can help to generate buzz around your brand in the present and also serve as a future impression that introduces new customers to your brand and reminds clients of your products and services.


By choosing promotional products that will be used frequently by the receiver and by selecting products intended for a specific purpose, you can keep your brand front of mind at the best possible times and insure your marketing dollars are well spent.


Take for example a company in the food or restaurant industry. By creating a custom branded kitchen utensil, custom cup or even custom grilling tools, you can bring your brand back to your customers mind at just the perfect time.


You may have thought that promotional products are nothing more than useless trinkets but this couldn’t be further from the truth.


After all, why use promotional products if they are simply going to go from your hands to your customer’s and then end up in the trash.


While it is true, there are some promotional items that are not worth your time or money, there are many products that can provide value to the receiver while also giving your brand increased visibility.


When you put some thought into choosing the right promotional products for your marketing campaign, they can help take it to the next level when it comes to creating brand awareness.


Why Use Promotional Products? They are memorable


Promotional Products Are Memorable


According to Promotional Products Work, a majority of people who receive a branded item actually can recall the advertiser on that specific product.


88% of people remember the advertiser on a promotional product.

Promotional Products Work


This is powerful! When you think about what this also means for brand awareness, that alone is reason enough to use promotional products in your marketing!


That means that nearly 9 out of 10 people who receive a promotional product not only remember the product, they also remember who they got it from. A memory that probably includes information such as where and when they got it and every time they see the product, it brings your brand back to the front of their mind once again.


Now it is important to note, not all custom pens and personalized tote bags are created equal, but when you choose the right products that fit with your marketing campaign, it can serve as a memorable recollection of your brand for months and years to come.


But why use promotional products that are cheap and forgettable when there are so many higher quality options available to you that won’t break the bank.


Putting some time and thought into the promotional items you hand out to potential clients and customers will go a long way in showing them you truly care about them as an individual and in exchange will give them a much more favorable impression of your brand.


Why Use Promotional Product? People Like Free Stuff


People Like Free Stuff


Think back to the last time you were at a sporting event and they brought out the t-shirt gun or started randomly tossing prizes to the crowd. Everyone gets excited and tries to get in on the action and get their hands on a freebie.


The fact is, we just naturally like to get stuff for free and when we do, it creates a memorable experience for us.


This is why using branded merchandise as a giveaway at an event, for prizes, and even for employee recognition can go a long way in creating buzz around your brand.


Although promotional products don’t always have to be given away for free, they do serve a very useful purpose as a giveaway item.


If as was mentioned above, you are careful when choosing your giveaway item, a promotional product can serve as a memory that creates a personal connection between your brand and the customer.


Give me a random trinket and I might forget about you tomorrow, but give me useful gift that I (the customer) can see was well thought out, and you will have thinking about your brand and sharing my experience with my friends.


You’ve heard the saying “it’s the thought that counts”. This is especially true when it comes to using promotional products in your marketing.


This does not mean the promotional products you choose have to be over the top, they just need to be, thoughtful.


Depending on your marketing budget, a reason one might not consider using promotional products might be due to the perceived cost, which brings me to my next point.


Why Use Promotional Products? They don't have to cost a lot


They Don’t Have To Cost A Lot


The cost of promotional products depends entirely on how much you are willing to invest to create a memorable impression for your customers.


That being said, there are literally thousands of products available for you to customize with your logo and they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.


While we have harped a lot on the use of cheap promotional items, that does not mean that they do not have their place.


A pen with your logo for example, while it may not be the most memorable giveaway, still serves as a very useful tool and the fact that it will more than likely be used over and over again make it a great inexpensive item.


As a rule of thumb, if it is cheap but still very useful, it can be a valuable product to invest in. The main thing that is not recommended is simply choosing generic products and slapping your logo on them just for the sake of using promotional products because you’ve heard its a good thing to do.


However, there are still quite a few products that may not be dirt cheap, but are still relatively inexpensive and in the long run can bring a much better return for your investment.


The product you ultimately choose will really depend on your specific marketing campaign and budget, but just know it doesn’t have to break the bank to be effective.


Why Use Promotional Products? Because they work. Facts!


Promotional Products Work


The facts are there to back it up, promotional products continue to be an effective form of advertising and creating a lasting impression on your target audience.


Promotional products can be much more effective than other traditional advertising channels because when done right, they can help you connect with your customer on a much deeper level.


By providing your potential customers with something of value, it shows them you care about them as a consumer and in turn it creates a more favorable view of your brand and according to the PPAI, “83% are more likely to do business with a brand after receiving a promotional product”.


You should use promotional products because promotional products work and they have multiple uses in various aspects of your business.


As A Marketing Tool


Promotional products are a great tool to tie in with your marketing campaign. Depending on your specific campaign, there are various ways you can use promotional items to maximize the effectiveness of that campaign.


Promotional products serve as a great tool for increasing brand recognition. They can also be used in contests, event giveaways, at trade shows and as an add on to a customer’s purchase to name just a few.


The possibilities for using promotional products in your marketing are endless. If you need more ideas or would like to see how you can use promotional products effectively in your marketing, get in touch with one of our awesome promotional product experts and we will be glad to help you create the perfect plan for your business.


For Employee Recognition


Making use of promotional products in house can be just as beneficial as using them in your outreach. As mentioned before, people love free stuff, and your employees are no exception.


Promotional products serve a great role in employee recognition and gifts to let your employees know they are doing a great job.


Company swag can provide your employees with a valuable item that can be used on a day to day basis while also providing them with a sense of belonging to the team.


It also serves as a conversation piece for employee interactions outside of the workplace giving your brand extended reach and recognition.


To Increase Customer Loyalty


What better way to show your customer you appreciate them and to keep them coming back again and again than to use promotional products as an incentive.


We have already seen how many people will buy from a brand they received a promotional product from, so it only stands to reason that promotional products might just help to keep them coming back.


By rewarding repeat buyers or celebrating customer milestones, you can use promotional items as a way to build trust with your customer and turn them into a lifelong clients.


In Conclusion


For all who are wondering why use promotional products, we hope this information has given you some insight into the importance and the role promotional products serve in your marketing campaigns.


There are many more reasons that one could mention but suffice it to say that promotional products have long been a marketing tool that will continue to be used successfully by businesses for years to come.


The real question now is, will you take advantage of the awesome opportunity to use promotional products to create a lasting impression and increased awareness for your brand?