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Embrace The New Normal with These 15 Small Business Promotional Items

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Everyone loves freebies.

The last time your favorite store ran a sales promotion, you probably didn’t know about it before hitting the store, weren’t expecting that little freebie and, at the time, you may not have even cared for it.

But statistics show you most likely remember the name of the brand, felt positive about them, and have used the promotional item you received for more than a month! (As long as the company chose the correct promotional item that connected with their customers.)

When you’re on the other side of the promotion as a small business, it is harder to see the true impact of a promotional item through the eyes of a consumer.

But promotional products work, you can count on that!

They are a great way to advertise because the truth is, you don’t have to break the bank to purchase small business promotional items.

In fact, the positive returns you receive should be enough to offset the initial capital, make profits, and increase brand awareness.

It’s a win-win-win situation – your audience is happy, your business is happy, and we’re happy that you’re happy.

So here are 15 must-have promotional items for your small business that will help keep your marketing campaign up to date with the new normal and top-of-mind for your target audience:

  1. Face Masks

Custom Face Masks Make Fantastic Small Business Promotional Items

Face masks are an item that you should have readily available as they are now an essential part of everyday life.

Most people have more than one and an extra one from you could come in handy.

Some people forget to bring a face mask with them so you can be ready with just what they need.

You can get both disposable face masks as well as reusable face masks with your logo to help keep people safe while also keeping your brand in your audience’s minds.

  1. Hand Sanitizers

Custom Hand Sanitizers Make Fantastic Small Business Promotional ItemsEven before COVID, hand sanitizers were one of the small business promotional items readily available to be customized your logo.

With recent events increasing the demand for this helpful promotional product, there are now plenty of options for you to choose from.

Nowadays, hand sanitizers can be seen in every purse and pocket making them a great choice product to customize.

They go hand in hand with face masks and are great items to distribute to your audience as they’ll definitely use them every day.

  1. HoodiesCustom Hoodies Make Fantastic Small Business Promotional Items

Let’s be honest, most of us swapped our usual attire for more comfortable clothing such as hoodies during this period.

With everyone finding out just how comfortable hoodies are and with more companies realizing the need for a flexible work wardrobe, hoodies won’t be leaving our closets anytime soon.

  1. T-shirts

Custom T-shirts Make Fantastic Small Business Promotional ItemsWe couldn’t mention hoodies without also mentioning T-shirts.

T-shirts are go-to pieces of clothing everyone loves to wear.

That comfy t-shirt with your logo may just become their new go-to or ‘Zoom shirt’.

  1. Samples

What better way to market your product than giving out a free sample of… your product?

This is the most successful promotional product as your audience knows immediately what you have to offer and can try your product first-hand.

Just make sure you include your logo and contact details along with your sample packaging so they will know exactly how to get in touch when they are ready to order.

  1. Flashlights

Custom Flashlights Make Fantastic Small Business Promotional ItemsFlashlights and other lighting accessories make great small business promotional items because they are unique and quite useful for the receiver.

Pocket flashlights, penlights, and lanterns are just a few styles you can print your logo on.

When the lights go out, your custom branded flashlight provides just what your customer needs while serving as a positive reminder of your brand.

  1. Pens

Custom Pens Make Fantastic Small Business Promotional ItemsAs many people are still working from home, their supply of office pens is probably low.

You can fill in this shortage by giving out custom branded pens and let your audience be reminded of your products when they use them.

Custom pens are one of the more common small business promotional items, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with them. There are so many different styles to choose from so you can be sure to customize this to fit your needs perfectly.

  1. Small Hand-Held Battery Fans

Custom Hand Held Fans Make Fantastic Small Business Promotional ItemsThis is a more unique product when it comes to small business promotional items but can help you stand out from the typical branded items your competitors may be using.

This product can really be useful year round whether in the summer months or if it’s cold out, it can come in handy for those who may vacation in a warmer area.

Your audience will be very grateful if they have something to cool them down in the heat especially if they’re out in the open.

  1. Fitness Products

Custom Fitness Products Make Fantastic Small Business Promotional ItemsWith more people trying fitness routines at home, this is a great way to leave a good impression in your audience’s mind.

Water bottles and backpacks are great items to start with and there are countless other fitness items you can brand with your logo.

  1. Magnets

Custom Magnets Make Fantastic Small Business Promotional ItemsMagnets are must-have small business promotional items because they end up on the fridge, a highly frequented spot of a house or office.

Make them fun and creative with your contact information visible so people can easily get in touch with you when in need of your services.

  1. Coffee Mugs and Glasses

Custom Coffee Mugs Make Fantastic Small Business Promotional ItemsThese are quite common items to be used for promotions but can be quite effective when you choose the right ones.

You can imprint coffee mugs and drinkware with your logo or something else that people will relate to your brand.

Choose something that is more unique than just a plain white coffee mug. Something like this laser engraved tumbler might get a lot more use and impressions for your brand.

  1. Mousepads

Custom Mousepads Make Fantastic Small Business Promotional ItemsMousepads are useful gifts as more people are working from home.

Their size means there is plenty of room for you to share your brand and message so make sure to use it effectively.

Get creative and add a coupon code or a custom link to a special promotion to track the effectiveness of your “mousepad marketing”.

  1. Hats

Custom Hats Make Fantastic Small Business Promotional ItemsHat’s are a classic accessory you can put your logo on but not everyone likes to wear hats.

This brings up the importance of making sure you know your audience when choosing this small business promotional items.

For example, a company in the outdoor niche (hunting, fishing, etc.) will have much more success with custom branded camo hats than a beauty salon.

On the other hand, if your company is in an area that get’s cold during the winter, someone who doesn’t typically wear hats might be more than happy to get a custom beanie from you during that time.

  1. Custom Umbrellas

Custom Umbrellas Make Fantastic Small Business Promotional ItemsNot everyone owns an umbrella as it really depends on the weather conditions in the area you live in.

But it does seem that the need for an umbrella usually arises at the most inopportune times.

By customizing umbrellas with your logo, yours could be the only one they own and will surely come in handy and serve as a reminder that your brand is there for them.

  1. Phone Accessories

Custom Phone Accessories Make Fantastic Small Business Promotional ItemsEverybody has a phone these days which makes various phone accessories a great small business promotional item to use in your marketing.

Phone accessories are sure to get lots of use and serve as a great reminder of your brand.

Pop sockets, phone chargers, power banks, ear buds and phone cases are just a few of many phone accessories you can brand with your logo.

Find the Best Small Business Promotional Items for Your Marketing Campaign

This list goes over just a few of the small business promotional items that you can use to effectively market your business.

It is important to have a marketing plan in place to choose the best product for your specific promotion.

Choose from one of the categories listed above or get in touch with our team to help you find the perfect product to meet your promotional needs.